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US South West Canyons and the Four Corners Region

US South West Canyons are a dreamland for landscape photographers because of a combination of wild and often still untouched territorry, the world's best light and the marks of old Indian habitation, which all together make up this unique aura.
Peter Tomsu, Photographer

All the Canyons I visited and where you can see photographs in this gallery are placed nearby or on the Colorado Plateau, but all of them are different and pretty unique, which in combination with the world's best light makes up a dreamland for nature and landscape photographers.

From wide valleys to narrow and steep dark canyons anything can be found here. Colors are mostly vibrant orange, brown, grey and white or any combination of these. The deep blue sky will add the rest needed for almost unrealistic looks.

What always fascinates me when I come back is the sheer endless landscape, which seems to replicate itself after reaching the horizon but same time always keeps some new surprises and outstanding views. The best time for photography are of course the early morning and late afternoon hours, when the sunlight draws interesting shapes and dark shadows are mixed with bright areas of direct sun, which in combination with the available colors is unparalleled to other places on earth.